Empowering High School Students through an Online filmmaking Workshop with industry experts: Great year!!!!

It’s been another remarkable year for the Dr. Barbara Seniors Harkins Foundation as we continue to support students’ journeys into the world of filmmaking. Each month, our free online film and television workshops, featuring industry experts as guest speakers, have attracted students to explore various roles in the film and television industry. As the school year comes to a close, we reflect on the profound impact of this program.

The Online Workshop in Film and Television not only ignited a passion for storytelling and visual creativity in students but also equipped them with valuable skills relevant to the film industry and beyond. Throughout the program, students had the opportunity to interact with esteemed industry professionals who shared their expertise and insights
into the world of film production. From learning the intricacies of screenwriting to gaining hands-on experience in cinematography and editing, the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the filmmaking process.

By fostering a collaborative and dynamic learning environment, the workshop not only honed the students’ technical skills but also developed their critical thinking and communication abilities. It proved to be an enriching and empowering experience for all involved. The workshops were truly a springboard for our students’ creative aspirations,
and we look forward to seeing the lasting impact of this experience as they continue to explore the world of filmmaking. Thank you to everyone that participated in our workshops. We will see you in September!