March Volunteer of the Month: Natalie Magee

We are thrilled to announce Natalie Magee as our March Volunteer of the Month! Natalie’s dedication and enthusiasm in supporting our Foundation have been truly remarkable. Let’s take a moment to get to know Natalie and her remarkable journey as a volunteer.

Joining our Foundation

Natalie’s journey with our Foundation began when she stumbled upon an opportunity online while searching for a job. She came across our organization’s volunteer listing on Indeed and, intrigued by the work we do, she decided to explore further. After visiting our website and requesting more information, she became increasingly excited about the program and what she could contribute.

Embracing the Mission

What drew Natalie to become a volunteer with our Foundation was more than just a desire to give back; it was the sincere appreciation for the mission we strive to accomplish. As a true movie enthusiast, Natalie was captivated by the Film Screening opportunity we provide. The chance to combine her passion for films with volunteering was a perfect fit for her.

Contributions as a Volunteer

Natalie’s involvement with our Foundation primarily revolves around the monthly Film Screening events. She has been an integral part of enhancing the experience for both attendees and fellow volunteers. Natalie’s assistance includes preparing trivia questions that add excitement to the events and sharing interesting facts about the films showcased. Additionally, she readily assists with any other tasks that may arise, ensuring the smooth execution of the events.

Natalie’s Background

Outside of her volunteer work, Natalie holds a professional position as a UX Designer. Her expertise in designing user experiences is a testament to her attention to detail and passion for creating seamless interactions. In addition, Natalie is also a part-time mentor, helping aspiring individuals break into the UI/UX industry. Her guidance and support in this field have made a significant impact on the lives of those she mentors.

Unwinding with Hobbies

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, Natalie dedicates time to various hobbies. When she’s not busy volunteering or excelling in her professional roles, Natalie enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Caring for her adorable puppy brings her joy, and she values the moments spent playing and bonding with her furry companion. Photography, meditation, watching movies, cooking, reading, and practicing yoga also find their rightful place among Natalie’s hobbies.
Natalie Magee’s commitment and unwavering dedication to our Foundation have made her an invaluable member of our volunteer community. Her passion for our mission, combined with her unique talents, has truly made a difference in the lives of those we serve. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Natalie for being honored as our March Volunteer of the Month! Keep up the fantastic work, Natalie! Your contributions inspire and encourage us all.