Foundation Volunteer Spotlight: Brandon Zaragoza

Brandon Zaragoza, volunteers with the Foundation’s Film Screening Program.  This Program allows kids to screen movies, have discussions about that film, and following the screening they get to have a Question & Answering sessions with Production Team Members or Actors from the film.   The foundation has given Brandon an opportunity to share his talent of filmmaking with our students. According to Brandon what made him want to become a volunteer was being able to help with activities for youth who had a love for anything film related. He knows that many of our young filmmakers have an interest working in the film industry as they grow older, so being there to spark their interest even more, and help guide them is why he volunteers with us.

When Brandon is not volunteering, he works as a Social Media Manager and he is also a Freelancer.  Currently he is also working on going back to school to get his master’s degree in Marketing. Some of his favorite hobbies are working out, hiking, photography, reading, playing video games, biking, traveling, watch sports, going to museums, and trying new foods.

Volunteering is something everyone should do. Either on a small scale or large scale, volunteering is the backbone of success for many people and organizations. We are so happy to have Brandon as a Volunteer with our Foundation.